New York City based actress


My early years were spent in San Juan, Puerto Rico;  the place were I was brought up and that gave me my first visions in life. I relocated to the United States as a teenager, and this awakened in me an even greater curiosity to get to know the world, its different cultures and what it has to offer. Within the years that followed, I traveled throughout a myriad of countries and dedicated many years to observe and learn about the simple aspects of humanity at the same time I strengthened my craft as a person and ultimately as an actress. After journeying, living and training in several different cities in the U.S and abroad, New York City became my base and the place I have chosen to further keep growing and evolving as a performer and storyteller. 


2017 projectS


TWO directed by Crystal Edn @ The Gloria Maddox Theatre


Nulo [short film] by Nicolle Márquez

Leda by Samuel Grover Tressler IV

The Geometrics of Desire by David Williams